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bleed and Printing

Placing an Order - File Requirements

Bleed and Printing
A common mistake with files being supplied is them having no bleed. What do we mean? Bleed is the area around the job that is printed and then trimmed off. At Andrew's Copy Centre we prefer if your document has a 1/8" bleed. If there is no bleed – no problem, please make sure your text / images are away from the edge of the document. If all possible, try to avoid borders. If the border is too close to the cutline, the print may result to be cut off-center slightly.

So as you can see in the diagram below of a business card the blue outside box is 1/8" further out from the red artwork box. ALL artwork to be supplied to ACC must have 1/8" bleed for digital printing. If not it will either have to be resupplied or we may sometimes be able to edit your file which will be charged at $40 per hour or a $10 minimum charge.


File Formats for Printing
The following print formats will give optimal results for printing.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an industry standard for the printing industry. When exporting from your program use Press Quality setting (or similar high resolution setting) and turn on trim marks and put 1/8" of bleed on the job. This is so we can cut your job to size and avoid any white around the edge. If your document uses any fonts we might not have these can be embedded but it may be wise to convert all to outlines or curves so we can make adjustments to your file if needed. eg colour changes.

We can also print from Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, etc.. All files supplied should be in CMYK colour space and have fonts converted to outlines or curves. Document need to be set up with 1/8" of bleed and all links eg. images and illustrations and need to be embedded or supplied as well as the file. Generic files formats such as EPS, TIFF and JPEG's are also accepted. These need to have 1/8" of bleed all the way round.

We can print from word and publisher but these files are not specific design software and results may vary. You can print or save to a PDF from these programs and we suggest that's what you supply to ensure the best results.

Canon Digital Printing
All of the above file formats are applicable to Digital Printing also and in the case of setting up a job for digital printing please don't put text any closer to your pages edge than ¼". Borders are also problematic for digital printing as sheet registration is not that of offset and when cut can produce an undesirable result.